Share your renters policy and
save like never before!

Get $35K total shared coverage + $1MM shared, premises-only
liability protection and $10K shared emergency expenses for you
and your roommates. Now that sounds like a plan!

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save your money

Easy as 1-2-3

Call us and we'll work with you to
customize the right package if you
have 2 or 3 roommates.
save your money

Secure you stuff.

Our roommates insurance
packages offers $35,000 of total
joint contents coverage.
save your money

Save your money.

Live with 2 or 3 roommates? Split a
tenant insurance policy between
everyone and save.

Multiple Roommate Packages

We offer our own multi-roommate insurance. It’s not complicated,
it’s not expensive, it’s really built just for you.

Get instantly approved and your policy will be emailed to you.

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Sharing space with roommates
can be great …or it could be
a disaster.

Whether it’s your first time living with a roommate
(sharing a room with your brother Jeff doesn’t count),
or you live with a few buddies, split your costs and
protect your stuff, especially if there was ever a loss
due to fire, lightning strike or windstorm.

There aren’t too many tenant
insurance options out there for

Most companies require each roommate to have their own tenant insurance policy, purchased at the same time. We don’t think this is convenient at all, and it
can be very expensive when you add up two or more separate policies.

Let’s secure your stuff, unlock your best rates, prevent your risks, lower your heart rate and save you cash.
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