The 2019 Panda Game Powered by Insurego Field Goal Kick for $10,000 Contest

We’re looking for two people, one from each school (Carleton and UOttawa), to participate in the halftime event. We’re prepared to give someone $10,000 if they kick a field goal.

The rules for this contest are simple, you get one chance to kick a field goal being held in place by a member of your flock (your trusted friend, buddy, your significant other, your sibling, your mom, dad…whoever).

There are no practice kicks.
No time to psych yourself out
And no calling timeout to freeze the kicker (because you are the kicker, obviously)

You get one attempt at kicking the field goal, so take your time and make it count!

How do you qualify, you ask? Simple.
But you need to do this now, like, by tonight at 11:59PM ok?

Ok, so here it goes.

We’re going to give everyone who is attending the 2019 Panda Game Powered by Insurego and who comments on our Facebook event post one (1) entry to kick the field goal.

All you need to do is just comment on the post and say which school you attend, and tag who you’d bring as your placekicker. That gets you one (1) more entry (but remember, your placekicker does not get a kick, just you)

Like the Insurego Facebook page, that gets you one (1) additional entry

If you pre-registered at you already have one (1) entry (you’re welcome).

Here’s how to get 5 entries:

Go to
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This contest closes at 11:59 on Friday October 4, 2019. Our data hacker will do all the necessary things early Saturday morning and two participants will be selected to participate in the kick (one from each participating school). We will need a way to reach out to you, so if you entered on Facebook, we’ll reach out via Facebook Messenger. If you entered by getting a quote, we’ll reach out to you via phone (so make sure your information is accurate!) You will have five minutes to get in touch, or we move on to the next random person.

Good luck and remember, laces out!
(Don’t worry, we have a nice consolation prize if you don’t hit the field goal)

Here’s the legal stuff:

No purchase necessary. The odds of being selected to participate in this kick depends on the number of entries for this contest. An individual must attend the 2019 Panda Game Powered by Insurego to participate in the event, and the individual selected must be present at the time required to participate. Failure to show up voids the opportunity to participate and another opportunity will not be given.

If you would like an entry without entering using any of the methods above, please email

In consideration for participating in the 2019 Panda Game Powered by Insurego Field Goal Kick for $10,000 contest On-Field Activity (the “Contest”) at halftime on Saturday October 5, 2019, the selected must sign a waiver prior to the contet and:

  1. Release. The Participant, for himself/herself (or if a minor, for the Participant, any other parent/guardian of the Participant) and for his/her heirs, representatives and administrators, hereby waives, forever discharges and holds harmless Insurego Inc., Lansdowne Stadium Limited Partnership (“TD Place”) and its partners, directors, officers, employees, successors, predecessors, affiliated and related corporations, including the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group, the Ottawa REDBLACKS, the Ottawa Fury FC and the Ottawa 67’s (“Teams”), and their directors, officers and employees (collectively “OSEG”), from liability for any and all claims, demands, actions and costs that might arise out of Participant’s participation, DUE TO ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER.
  • Image Consent. The Participant hereby gives Insurego Inc. and TD Place permission to take video, still photographs and/or digital photographs of the Participant during the Contest, and use Participant’s image within such media in training, promotional, endorsement and publicity activities related to Insurego Inc., TD Place or the Teams.
  • The Participant asserts that he/she is not a current or former professional football, rugby or soccer player, a current or former semi-professional football, rugby or soccer player, or a player that has played on a professional or semi-professional football, rugby or soccer team within the past five (5) years. The Participant asserts that he/she is not a former football, rugby or soccer coach who has coached at any level of play.

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