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What’s Condominium Insurance?

Condo insurance is typically not mandatory, and you may think that your condominium association’s insurance coverage is enough protection. So, you don’t need your own condo insurance, right?

Afterall, your condo association’s insurance covers damage to your condo building, its grounds, common areas and other external fixtures. But, your own personal condo insurance covers what your condo association’s master policy doesn’t cover, namely everything inside your condo unit. Like most types of residential insurance, condominium insurance protects you and your personal belongings in the event of loss or damage from fire, flood or theft.

What does Condo Insurance cover?

Your condo insurance may include coverage for:

  • Your appliances
  • Your personal property and valuables
  • The interior walls
  • Installed fixtures and improvements made to your unit

  • Additionally, your condo insurance protects you against liability claims in the event of injury or property damage you are found responsible for. Where your condo insurance likely differs from other residential insurance is the additional protection it provides specifically related to major repairs to the condominium complex or building that are a result of damage originating from your unit.

    How much does Condo Insurance cost?

    Now that depends on several variables including the value of the property in your nest and the level of coverage you feel most comfortable with. An All-Risk policy will cover the contents in your unit along with all improvements you made to your unit, while simple contents insurance covers your belongings from losses up to a specific amount. To see how affordable condo insurance can be, get an online quote here.

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