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What’s Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance offers affordable protection specifically for businesses. Whether you are a restaurant, professional contractor/practitioner, hair stylist, retail shop or pretty much anything that deals with clients or vendors, then Insurego’s online commercial insurance tool is for you!

You can buy commercial insurance online in Ontario through Insurego if you are small-to-medium sized, or even large-scale. If you deal with clients or vendors, sell a physical product or rent an office or commercial space, as careful as you may be, you may be exposed to risks and unforeseen events that commercial insurance helps protect you against. We also offer you Cyber Liability insurance to protect you against cyber attacks.

What Types of Commercial Insurance
Does Insurego Offer in Ontario?

Insurego’s Commercial Insurance offers the following coverage:

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Professional Liability

(Errors & Omissions)

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Commercial General Liability

(Bodily Injury and Property Damage)

Select your type of Insurance above

If you are a construction company, plumber or other professional services like real estate agents, manufacturing and warehousing looking to purchase E&O, CGL, COED, D&O and Cyber Liability Commercial Insurance, please call Insurego at
1-84-INSUREGO (1-844-678-7346) or send us an email.

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How Much Does Commercial Insurance Cost in Ontario?

You work hard building your business, pick the right commercial insurance protection below and protect yourself, and your business, against financial stress. Regardless of its cost, a commercial insurance policy is a worthwhile investment. Your commercial insurance policy cost is based on many factors like the industry, location, annual revenue, number of employees etc.

How to Buy Commercial Insurance Online?

Simply click on the Type of Commercial Insurance or Industry that closest represents your profession to answer a few questions and Insurego will connect you with the best commercial insurance policies in Ontario for your business. Not sure which commercial insurance policy is right for you? Call us at 1-84-INSUREGO to talk to our chief commercial VIP insurance flamingos!

To see how affordable commercial insurance can be, and to buy commercial insurance directly from Insurego online, just scroll back up and select your industry.

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